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iPhone, iPad Control

iRule converts your mobile device into the best universal remote control in the world.

Don't you hate that pile of remote controls? How about the complexity of running even a living room system? Power this on, switch that input, change that input. A universal remote control can replace that pile of remotes, and control not only your audio/video equipment and your home theater, but also your lights, drapes, fireplace, and even thermostats. Not only that, it can simplify system operation.

One tap on a universal remote control can replace many button presses on different remotes. So, why use three remotes to watch HBO; one tap of the screen on the HBO icon and the universal remote control:

  1. turns on the HDTV
  2. selects the correct input
  3. turns on a cable box
  4. selects the correct channel
  5. turns on a home theater receiver and
  6. selects the cable box input on that, too

That’s normally three different remotes and at least six different clicks - all replaced with a single tap on the HBO button on the universal remote control screen.


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